DJ Alisa Zurmutai

Alisa has been DJing at regular local milongas in Latvia and at foreign milongas and festivals, such as Kiev Tango Seasons, Remolino, Taipei New Year Tango Fiesta, Minsk Spring Tango Festival, Tango Sun Festival.

About herself: “I love happy dancers. And I like to influence their mood: to add romance for those in love, energetic music for the active ones, more complicated music - for the warmed up ones. But my favourite thing at a milonga is when the dancefloor becomes one body, when people dance not only with one another and the music, but with other couples, floor, DJ and the space, as though time does not exist. I play the Golden Age music, but according to the mood, there can be dosed inclusions of younger music. And chacarera!!! I love it so much!