DJ Cumhur Dilek

“The Magician. Plays on the edge between melody and rhythm. The powerful, elegant and playful aspect of his personality is easily recognised in his music. His international experience in Dj-ing will amaze you. The Aegean Tango Marathon is the proof of his great organisational skills”

For Cumhur, people are the most important element of tango. As a tango DJ, his first priority is the happiness of the people. People are similarly the best source of his inspiration. He observes them and tries his best to give whatever they want.

Cumhur has played music since 2009 and has done it at many international festivals and marathons (including in Kharkiv, Ukraine; Chisinau, Moldova; Athens / Molivos / Lesvos, Greece; Antalya, Turkey; Minsk, Belarus; Bergen, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; Beirut, Lebanon; Berlin, Germany; Marina Di Massa, Italy; Budapest, Hungary; Pamporova, Bulgaria), also at numerous milongas in Greece, Denmark, Germany and, of course, Turkey. He has also organised the Milonga Agrilia (2009, 2010, 2011), the Milonga Aegean (2014) and the Aegean Tango Marathon (3 editions until now) in Turkey.