DJ Pablo Inza

Better known as a dancer and teacher, Pablo Inza now plays as a DJ only on special occasions. However, 
for 9 years he used to be the resident DJ at the mythical Practica X in Buenos Aires.

Pablo is the kind of a DJ who stays at his desk working, tuning the sound according to the dancers, creating atmospheres and contrasts… He approaches the mood of an evening as a growing wave until the very end of that evening. As a big music lover himself, he wants the dancers to have a good time on the dancing floor, aspiring to inspire them as "a musician" and thereby being also ready to adapt his music choices to the dance floor needs.

Pablo prefers classics, thus the big tango names can be heard at his millongas; but at the same time he also dares to surprise the dancers from time to time by playing a couple of tunes that most of the people would hear for the first time. Even cortinas are important for Pablo as a mood factor at the dance evenings.

All in all, Pablo tries to help the milonguero/as feel the Argentine tango in a bit deeper way. It will be a good way to close the Tango Port Tallinn 2017 Festival as he will be the DJ of the last, Farewell Milonga.